Truvital Animal Health Launches Cutting-Edge Bovine Colostrum IMMUNOLIFE | 200  

STRATFORD, ON – Truvital Animal Health, a leading provider of innovative solutions for animal nutrition, is thrilled to announce the official launch of IMMUNOLIFE | 200. The progressive bovine drive colostrum product will be launched at the Canadian Dairy Expo on April 3, 2024. 

The launch of IMMUNOLIFE | 200 represents a significant advancement in calf care. Research now suggests that 300g of IgG should be fed within the first 12 hours of a calf’s life. This is foundational for Transfer of Passive Immunity (TPI) to occur. To achieve successful levels of TPI, a calf should be receiving 200g of IgG at their first feeding with an additional 100g of IgG at the second feeding. This will achieve the minimum recommendation of 300IgG in the first day of life. IMMUNOLIFE | 200 conveniently provides the essential IgG’s required for a calf to adapt and thrive in its existing conditions. 

Developed with cutting-edge research and expertise, IMMUNOLIFE | 200 is designed to meet the critical needs of newborn calves by providing a higher concentration of IgG antibodies in each serving, a unique blend of growth factors and nutrients, naturally occurring colostral fat and effective dilution rate for optimal health, growth, and long-term performance. 

“We are excited to introduce IMMUNOLIFE | 200 to the dairy community at the Canadian Dairy Expo” says President of Truvital Animal Health, Aaron Keunen. “This groundbreaking product with 200g of IgG in one dose embodies our commitment to innovation and excellence in animal nutrition. We believe this product will play a pivotal role in enhancing calf health and performance, ultimately benefiting dairy producers and the industry as a whole.” 

The unveiling of IMMUNOLIFE | 200 will take place at the Truvital Animal Health booth 98/99PS in Hall 2 during the Canadian Dairy Expo, one of the most prestigious events in the dairy industry. Attendees can expect to learn more about the science behind IMMUNOLIFE | 200 and its potential to revolutionize calf nutrition practices. 

IMMUNOLIFE | 200 is sold through Truvital Animal Health’s extensive veterinary and farm supply dealer network. To find a dealer near you, find the dealer locator tool on the Truvital Animal Health website


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