Oral selenium and vitamin e supplement


Sel-Vit is a safe and effective way to orally supplement Selenium and Vitamin E to newborn calves, dairy & beef cattle.

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What is Sel-Vit?

Research has shown that selenium and vitamin E deficient calves are at greater risk of disease and poor health outcomes. Sel-Vit provides oral selenium and vitamin E to maintain healthy immune function and support overall cow and calf health. When compared to injectables, Sel-Vit is safer, has shown equivalent absorption, and provides significantly more vitamin E.

Sel-Vit should be used once in the first week of life when calves are deficient in selenium and to increase vitamin E levels after birth to boost immune function. This product is not meant to be fed daily and should not be used twice within a 7-day period unless advised by a veterinarian. Sel-Vit is available for purchase in a 1kg jar.

What Are the Benefits of Sel-Vit?

  • Safer alternative to synthetic injectables, with lower risk of anaphylaxis compared to injected sodium selenite
  • No withdrawal period – most injectables have a 21 to 35 day meat withdrawal period
  • Provides 100% organic selenium compared to synthetic sodium selenite used in injectables
  • Provides 2500 IU of vitamin E compared to 136 IU in most injectables
  • Water soluble formulation
  • Welfare-conscious route of administration
  • Easy to administer using a convenient 10g dose scoop


Proven in Trials

An internal trial was done at the Mapleview Agri commercial research facility in 2022 to investigate the effects of Sel-Vit administration on male calves arriving at the facility:

Calves given Sel-Vit had increased levels of vitamin E until 14 days when compared to the injectable vitamin E product.

Calves treated with Sel-Vit had significantly higher levels of selenium at days 1 and 2 after arrival when compared to the control group. Absorption was similar for oral Sel-Vit and injectable selenium.

What Does This Mean?

Sel-Vit is a safe and effective way to orally supplement selenium and vitamin E in newborn dairy calves and adult cows.

Product Details

Weight 1 kg

1 kg Jar, Pouch (10 doses)


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